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I was watching full house a bit ago. Michelle and Stephanie were dancing like all the kids did in the 90's. I thought to myself "Hey! I remember that!" and got up to try it. Needless to say, it didn't work. And it made my boobs hurt.

This is where my troubles truly begin.

If I had no boobs, I could do that dance. I could lay on my stomach for decent amounts of time. I could jump rope painlessly.

There are a number of things I cannot do because of my boobs, and if I do these things, it hurts me.

When I have to pee really bad, and I run for the bathroom, I hafta hold my arm over my chest, so they don't bounce around and hurt. This is probably one of the most annoying things. I can't run anywhere without having to hold my boobs in place.

Curse this chest of mine! Curse it, I say!

Sure, boys love boobs. They've got that sick fascination with them. Scott's cousin said mine were nice. :/ (and no, he's never seen them, he just assumed they were nice after seeing a picture of me. wearing clothes.) I'm sure they are lovely and all, but, honestly, they are just a handicap.

I don't care about the nutrition of my future children. I don't want these things anymore.

I'm sure this is very fascinating. :/
well michelle, think if it this way: if you didnt have breasts, youd be a guy.

nobody wants that, right?
Well I think you have nice Boobs Michelle (This is Daniel, btw). Can't say that I have gotten a good look at them though.