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Holy crap. So, one of my friends posted on Facebook that he had found his old livejournal, which made me decide to look for mine. And now, here I am. I can't believe I was able to get in.

I just read every entry. Ah, the nostalgia.

I guess I'd decided to make the journal friends only, but I missed a few entries because there are some public ones. I don't know. Whatever. I'm not going to change anything, just leave it as it is.

It's insane how different I am now. But I guess it's not too insane, since I was a teenager when I started this thing and now I'm 25. I guess people are supposed to change.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I decided to post something. I just felt like I should.
Stuff is good, though I'm not sure if I ought to say exactly why. It's kind of a secret. I think. I don't know. Whatever. It's good.

Sinclair has taken to humping my blanket. He loves to lick it and then grab it in his mouth and hump it for a while. After he's done (or I catch him and kick him off), he jumps down from the bed and lays in the middle of the floor licking himself. It's funny. And disgusting.

I have a tamagotchi. It's a version 4. That means it's a brand new one that was released just recently. I'm a retard. His name is Tizzy.

i have been saving up any and all money i can get ahold of for a long time now. i planned on using it to buy a digital camera. but the other day, i used all of it to get uriah something. i wanted to get him something wonderful. i know material stuff doesnt matter and its the thought that counts, and he'd love me even if i just gavehim a tshirt...but it makes me feel good to give someone something wonderful. we will both benefit. i'm really excited. i can't wait to give it to him. i dont regret deciding to spend that money on him and not me. it makes me happy.
I was watching full house a bit ago. Michelle and Stephanie were dancing like all the kids did in the 90's. I thought to myself "Hey! I remember that!" and got up to try it. Needless to say, it didn't work. And it made my boobs hurt.

This is where my troubles truly begin.

If I had no boobs, I could do that dance. I could lay on my stomach for decent amounts of time. I could jump rope painlessly.

There are a number of things I cannot do because of my boobs, and if I do these things, it hurts me.

When I have to pee really bad, and I run for the bathroom, I hafta hold my arm over my chest, so they don't bounce around and hurt. This is probably one of the most annoying things. I can't run anywhere without having to hold my boobs in place.

Curse this chest of mine! Curse it, I say!

Sure, boys love boobs. They've got that sick fascination with them. Scott's cousin said mine were nice. :/ (and no, he's never seen them, he just assumed they were nice after seeing a picture of me. wearing clothes.) I'm sure they are lovely and all, but, honestly, they are just a handicap.

I don't care about the nutrition of my future children. I don't want these things anymore.

I'm sure this is very fascinating. :/

so i went to uriah's a bit ago, and never wrote about it...

joe was there (he came down from wherever the eff he lives) and so was jim, paul, cory, and gaybear. we went to the golf course and had a hulk-glove fighting thing. i wanted to record it, but then i found out that in order to do so, i'd have to get closer to those boys and their flailing fists of hulk fury, so i decided to let someone else record it. anyways...the hulk fighting think was pretty entertaining. except uriah got cut just about his eye. this deep gash. and it was bleeding, which made me feel terrible for him. im the girlfriend. it comes automatically. he wanted to wash it off in the sprinkler, and i said that'd be dumb and he needs to go home to clean it up. then i felt bad so i made out with him. then we went back to his house, where i fell asleep on the couch. when it was time to go home, i slept in the truck next to uriah (who was driving) and for some reason, i woke up with the incredible urge to kiss his knee. not a kiss as in a real quick peck. i mean, i wanted to make out with his knee. is that weird or what?

i was supposed to go to the beach today but i was sooo tired.

I HAVE A NEW LJ FRIEND! craig(followed by some numbers). yay! i know him from 404/the aim chat thang.

if i were a porn star...

i would

1) be hot
2) have lots of experience
3) have to sign my autograph for really scary/gross men
4) have to sign my autograph for really scary/gross lesbians
5)have the porn name 'jackoff jane'
6) run for governor of california

some props are in order, because of how cool i am.

So yeah, decided to go officially friends only.

But first:

Anyway, comment and add, if you'd like. Otherwise, go away.