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so i went to uriah's a bit ago, and never wrote about it...

joe was there (he came down from wherever the eff he lives) and so was jim, paul, cory, and gaybear. we went to the golf course and had a hulk-glove fighting thing. i wanted to record it, but then i found out that in order to do so, i'd have to get closer to those boys and their flailing fists of hulk fury, so i decided to let someone else record it. anyways...the hulk fighting think was pretty entertaining. except uriah got cut just about his eye. this deep gash. and it was bleeding, which made me feel terrible for him. im the girlfriend. it comes automatically. he wanted to wash it off in the sprinkler, and i said that'd be dumb and he needs to go home to clean it up. then i felt bad so i made out with him. then we went back to his house, where i fell asleep on the couch. when it was time to go home, i slept in the truck next to uriah (who was driving) and for some reason, i woke up with the incredible urge to kiss his knee. not a kiss as in a real quick peck. i mean, i wanted to make out with his knee. is that weird or what?

i was supposed to go to the beach today but i was sooo tired.

I HAVE A NEW LJ FRIEND! craig(followed by some numbers). yay! i know him from 404/the aim chat thang.

if i were a porn star...

i would

1) be hot
2) have lots of experience
3) have to sign my autograph for really scary/gross men
4) have to sign my autograph for really scary/gross lesbians
5)have the porn name 'jackoff jane'
6) run for governor of california

some props are in order, because of how cool i am.

Dude Craig is my friend.

i didnt steal him, you lover of small children. he came to me. so there.
so. shut up.

stupid face head.
<3 Fahad, but you never message me anymore you ho >
Ho, you never message me.
I messaged today, buit got your sister >_
Hah, sorry man, my sleeping schedule has gone crazy, and we are really busy down here, Ill try to talk to you later tonight, oh yeah have proof that more than 12 horusof sleep is bad for you?, and any advice on how to get better sleep?
It was on the news 12 hours of sleep causes you to have some shity sleeping problems and causes obesity because you don't burn calories fast enough sleeping.... but argh some other shit. To sleep better wake up earlier! wake up every day at 6 you won't be able to stay up as late. Also there is a theory that if your in a quiet dark room you increase meliton(sp) the sleeping chemicals...